When Electronic Answering Service Voices Get Attitude Like White House Aides

Posted on June 21, 2011

This morning SamHenry woke up to the era of a new telephone answering system platform for Frontier Telephone.  None of the larger telephone carriers want to take over this small island of communication because it is so technologically behind it would cost millions to play catch up.  It was not the effort that had to be put out to set up in the new system.  It was the officious tone of the computer voice that is obnoxious. I hate to pick up my mail and encounter “it.”

It is like working in an office.  You will like some people there; others not so much.  And those on the not so much side of the ledger just cannot be got rid of.  There are too many things in life these days with which we have to suffer to survive – things that point backward from progress made by labor unions to secure a living wage and benefits.  Overheard this morning in the hairdresser was a woman who was complaining about staff shortages and the fact that she was expected to work 45 hours or more per week.  The cold fact is that if she won’t, there is a line of people who will.  1850 redux.

But this broadband broad with the officious tone – she points to the future of being dictated to in every way possible.  From airline fees that bloom in the night to a president who tells it like it is and goes over the line to tell us how it will be.  We will have healthcare his way or no way.  Our foreign policy is run by him like a destruction derby.

Obama, I’m too old and tired to dance to your tune and besides, my dance card if full.  Let there be peace, not shrill, throughout the land.

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