Charge Up the TV – It’s Vacation Time

Posted on June 24, 2011

A friend of mine works in customer service for a cable company.  Pretty much the first thing he hears from clients in summer is that they have arrived at their beach house and the cable is not working.  But the beach…what about the beach?  These people are more upset than if it were happening in the middle of a play off of some kind.  Yes, TV goes on vacation.

And now, Movies are easily watched from your smart phone.  Miss HBO?  There is now “HBO to go” for your smart phone that is available to customers who subscribe.  No more sitting under a tree reading a book, eh?  Of course you can read a book on your smart phone, Kindle or tablet PC, but it’s best with a movie on it.  You and your pals can have dinner and a movie anytime and you can all watch different movies.  No need to talk.  Just eat and watch like you do at home.

This summer, Android will be making video conferencing a reality for your smart phone.  No need to go to the office as much.  You can extend your vacation.  Why?  Your office is with you.  Work from home?  Heck, you can work from the top of  Mt. Everest if you can get there.

Yes, more and more of  home and our home mindset  is traveling with us today.  There are refrigerators for your car and all manner of other gadgets that run from what used to be your lighter.  Chairs and tents easily compress.  Plastic storage units make your cupboards mobile.  And in this economy, people do live in or from their cars.  We are a nomad nation on wheels.   We used to look down upon desert nomads.  No longer.  We have evolved into them.  Imagine having an accident with a vehicle that is really a home on wheels?  “Stuff” everywhere and people sobbing that their connectivity has been cut.

Aren’t we in a depression?  And aren’t a lot of us out of work?  It looks as if unemployment insurance now goes for food, clothes and entertainment devices.  Old cell phones used to be donated to charity.  Now they will get smart phones.  And people who have not enough money for a cell phone will now move heaven and earth to get an old smart phone to work so they can watch movies.  To heck with calling anyone.

A new smart phone will be coming out with 3-D.  Their first phone was a resounding success.  But the follow-up phone did not do well.  Why?  The screen was smaller.  [CNN]

In SamHenry’s dotage, misplacing eye glasses is not as critical as misplacing her smart phone.  She is just not that interesting to talk with anymore she is so obsessed with her AndroidX.  We have now evolved or rather devolved into blithering idiots.  This post is dedicated to all of us in this boat.