Garden Party

Posted on June 26, 2011

My Garden is my refuge.  Each summer I try to have a couple of gatherings there.  This summer ahead of my special birthday year in 2012, I have pulled out all the stops.  This first party was to  honor the husband on father’s day of a woman who was my dear friend.  She is gone now and so is my father who depended upon her for most of his 18 year battle with a brain tumor.  Her children are my nieces and nephews.   There was so much love around at that party it was as if Hilda were with us.

Here is the scene:

The tent was set up a couple of days before the celebration.

I think a finger belongs in every photograph!   Father’s day dawned bright and sunny but cool.

During the party, no photos – just an enjoyment of each other and of old pictures of  Hilda like this one:

There never was a kinder face, a more loving wife and mother and friend.  And her family are a credit to her and to themselves.

Husband Herman. He has remarried. He is not well but came out with is oxygen and made it from the garden to the barn room - which he loved.

Rahman and Valerie - Hilda's oldest child is Valerie; her youngest Rahman. Both are married. Valerie is on the board of the private school her parents and I put her through; Rahaman went to a high school I attended and met his wife there.

Hilda and Herman's middle son, Derek - also happily married. Here is is with the only girl of Rahman's triplets and the most rambunctious of all the grandchildren.

Rahman's daughter and eldest of Hilda's grandchildren.

Rahman with his wife, mother of his four active children. She and I share a birthdate.

Imp is waiting at the gate for the next visitors for the next party.

This video has all the other players I did not get in still photos:  Valerie with her two sons; Derek’s wife, Charlotte; Herman’s son from a previous relationship that Hilda loved and brought up, Martin (coral shirt) and Martin’s girl with her son (sitting behind Herman).  Also behind Herman, my current student border, Mike.

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