Sarah Ferguson at Loose Ends

Posted on June 26, 2011

The OWN network’s “Finding Sarah” is just sad to watch.  Admittedly I have watched it sporadically but one could wish a better view of the Duchess than the episodes I did catch.

In one meeting with Dr. Phil, he leveled his sights at her and said:  “You are emotionally bankrupt.”  She fought this pronouncement and it was clear she was, at that point, in denial.

In another snippet I saw, she was being driven past Buckingham Palace and, mouth full of candy, she was pointing out the windows beyond which she and Andrew lived for a time.  In among pieces of candy, she mused about having had a good life – wasn’t she lucky.  The Duchess had always been casual and a bit rough about the edges but here she was just plain crass.  It was sad.

Contrast that with an interview she gave to the Dubai press in 2008.  She was poised albeit her usual  irrepressible self.

She was living her dream of being the Duchess bountiful but with a genuine heart and motivation to help people.  This is among her best interviews.  She is controlled, cogent and confident.

Now with a shortened, smoother hair style, she is supposed to be serene.  It is misleading. She is still full of  “Andrew and I are best friends and support each other unconditionally.”  It seems as if each time she utters this, he counters by showing up in public with yet another mystery woman on his arm.  Since her bust when dealing with an undercover journalist, they have not been photographed in public together.

Perhaps Sarah will find her true self if she avoids the cottage at Windsor and tries to visit the UK in some kind of pied a terre of her own.  Sadly, she perhaps could not hold back money from TV interviews to fund that.  Emotionally, she needs to be nestled among “family.”  As Andrew once said “I have three children.”  While he has not been a very reputable sort in certain quarters any more than she has been, they do the family bit very well.  There are worse addictions.

A far more vicious review of her autobiography may be found here.

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