Libya: Obama Doctrine – It’s The Right Thing To Do vs. The Law of the Land

Posted on June 29, 2011

Forget the Law,  it’s all in the slight of word, it’s the Obama Doctrine:  “It’s the right thing to do.”  At his News Conference today, President Obama was asked if his actions in Libya were in violation of the War Powers Act.  The President of course built his foundation for an answer that stopped short of even having to review the Act.

  • Gaddafi had always been a terrorist and had been responsible for more deaths prior to 9/11 than anyone.
  • It is a limited action.
  • It was carried in the company of our allies.
  • The allies are running it.
  • Air defense that was helping Gaddafi to target his own people had been taken out.
  • The UN has declared Gaddafi an international criminal.

So, when does it end?  How much is it costing and what men and equipment does it take from other operations?  Was there ever any advise and consent?  If this is so vital to world order, why aren’t China and Russia also partners in this?  After all the greatest number of people evacuated before the NATO attack were thousands of Chinese workers who had been in country to build housing and infrastructure to help get the much-needed oil out.  American interests were limited.  What, no gratitude?  Or was this payback?

In the end, Obama said he did not even have to get into the Act or the Constitution.  His arguments made that unnecessary and primary among them?  “It was the right thing to do.”  According to whom, Mr. President?