Tearful Charlene Wittsock Marries a Toad

Posted on July 2, 2011

Would you marry this toad, this grump, this stocky would-be prince with a paunch?

Daily Mail. UK

Back in the day, SamHenry was asking the same question as Grace Kelly sailed to Monaco to marry that morose-looking not very attractive prince Ranier, Albert’s father.  It was never a fairy tale ending in the sun and the light.  There is a darkness behind the Grimaldi throne and many believe the curse put upon Ranier the 1st by a woman he raped  who turned into a witch is behind all the unhappy marriages. [DailyBeast]

Curse or no curse, it was evident in the body language displayed between Charlene and Albert this week, something was amiss.  Did she really try to leave the country and return to South Africa?  Police say she was stopped at the Niece Airport and her passport confiscated.  Albert’s attorney says it did not happen.  Word is she was distressed about the rumor that Albert had more recently fathered yet a third illegitimate child.

Enough already.  How could anybody bring  up children in the casino capital of the western world?  Less than stellar types with money  habituate the place.  No wonder Grace and Ranier produced the most pouty princesses this side of the Alps.  No one ever smiles broadly as Grace used to do.

No, unlike just about any other country, this is not the place to view a truly happy wedding.  Poor Charlene, no wonder she teared  up during the ceremony as her veil was lifted and then almost sobbed in the church where she later left her bouquet.

At first comforting, Albert later encouraged Charlene to stop crying.

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