Beyond Diana’s Common Touch; Kate and Wills Are Genuine

Posted on July 8, 2011

During their tour of Canada, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge got on well with officials but it was the reaction of the people to them that gave them the opportunity to reveal more of their genuine affection for each other and for the man in the street.

Before and after the dragon boat racing William broke with Royal protocol and hugged Kate.

When planting a tree in Ottawa, a man in a wheelchair who had only 12 weeks to live eagerly awaited them and was not disappointed.  Kate took one look at him and said ”          let’s get you out of the sunlight, Terry.”

In Calgary, a six year old girl who also had terminal cancer was supposed to present flowers to Kate.  Instead, the young girl joyfully flung herself into Kate’s arms for a hug.  Children have a sixth sense about people and this young lady knew a receptive person when she saw one.  And that is the wonderful part about Kate and William, they are approachable.

The couple are fun-loving and accomplished and the activities they selected – dragon boat racing, attending the Calgary Stampede, enjoying a getaway in Canada’s wonderful wilderness – all of these things are what Canadians love, too.

Kate at the helm dragon boat racing:

Best of all, like everyone else, William has a job and it is both interesting, dangerous and requires skill and dedication.  He demonstrated his ability to land on water in a Canadian Forces Sea King helicopter similar to the one he flies in Britain.  This is a difficult manoeuvre.

from the Daily Mail

William is on your left.

They were genuinely into the place and people and their lifestyle.  At one point William whispered to Kate “It’s so nice to be in jeans.”

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