And So the Colonization of the US by China Begins With a “China-US Governors’ Forum”

Posted on July 14, 2011

Pay attention to this recent forum and what it portends:

The first China-US Governors Forum is held  July 15 in the Salt Lake City, the United States. Governors of four Chinese provinces and more than 30 US states will explore new opportunities in trade, culture and education exchanges.

China-US Governors' Forum
Utah Governor Gary Herbert (left) shakes hand with Qinghai Governor Luo Huining after they signed a Memorandum of Understanding at the Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City on Wednesday. [Tom Smart/Desert News]

China-US Governors' Forum
Officials and journalists pack the Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City on Wednesday for a ceremony that marks the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Utah and Qinghai Province. [Tom Smart/Desert News]


Governors’ forum set to deepen ties
A formal agreement on the forum was signed by Li Xiaolin, vice-president of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, and Christine Gregoire, NGA chair and governor of Washington state.


Tianwei powering growth in Idaho
Investment by a Chinese firm in Utah is a win-win situation for Idaho and China because it will create jobs for his state as well as high quality products for consumers in China.


Utah partners with Qinghai 
Luo Huining, governor of China’s Qinghai province, and Gary Herbert, governor of Utah, signed an agreement on Wednesday in Utah’s capital to cement the two regions’ relationship. The two regions pledged to contribute to “improving the global environment, while collaborating on joint innovation opportunities.


Governors’ meeting sign of enhanced ties
The China-US Governors Forum is a fortuitous bridge to develop the Sino-US partnership.

Tapping more local potential
Cooperation and exchanges between China’s provinces and US states and cities lay foundation for progress of relations.

Governors say

China-US Governors' Forum China-US Governors' Forum China-US Governors' Forum China-US Governors' Forum

The forum builds a direct and effective communication platform between governors in the United States and provincial officials in China.”

  — Zhao Hongzhu, Party secretary of Zhejiang Province

The United States has great advantages in clean energy industries and Anhuis development needs cooperation with the country.”

  — Wang Sanyun, governor of Anhui Province

The similar development pattern and the common interest between Qinghai and Utah create favorable opportunities and room for growth.”

  — Luo Huining, governor of Qinghai Province

Yunnan will internationalize its tourism and build popular tourist destinations for Southeast Asia and the rest of the world.”

  — Qin Guangrong, governor of Yunnan Province

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