“It’s Stark and Would Shock Most Americans” Boehner on Dem/Rep Ideological Divide

Posted on July 15, 2011

House Speaker John Boehner has stated that “there are too many people in the room” for the debt ceiling negotiations.  He would not indicate just who should leave the room but it is fairly certain that White House Aids or perhaps Czars are extraneous to the actual negotiations.  Then there are the “invisible” attendees, our Chinese debt holders.

However, Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, was more than happy to say that House Republican Majority leader Eric Cantor should be excluded because ” he has been unconstructive.”  This personal attack on a member of the opposition of course brought the Speaker of the House to defend Cantor.  How soon Democrats forget their attack dog, Nancy Pelosi.  Republican tactics do not come close to those of that administration attack dog.  Cantor is a pup compared with that…..  Reid’s stance reminded some of the divisiveness that he and Pelosi brought to many matters.

Republicans and Democrats are doing their dance of death on the precipice overlooking the great budget deficit morass that threatens to bring this nation to its knees.  Few are the times in this nation’s history when the situation has been so dire.  These gentlemen have been elected to solve problems not to have outrageous temper tantrums in public whenever the road to resolution gets bumpy.  Boehner has not criticized President Obama for walking out of the meeting but has acknowledged  his dramatic exit from the meeting Wednesday.

We don’t have to be in the meetings to feel the “stark” differences in ideology that Boehner has said would shock us.  We have all lived through it for the past almost 3 years of the Obama administration.  What is shocking is Obama’s move to the center for election 2012. He realizes better than anyone that the educational level of most Americans these days allows him to get away with this.  If the average American is taken in by “centrist” Obama on this go ’round, then it will be all over.  There will be a corrupt and bankrupt and powerless United States in the wake of another Obama victory.  Millionaires, big banks and other corporations will stampede to off shore locations and the jobless rate will be untenable.  The middle class will be left paying the highest taxes on record.  One godless nation of equality in all ushers in communism – a welcoming environment for our Chinese debt holders.


In the main, this article is based on a column in THE HILL

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