The President’s Congressional Budget Vote in 2006: “It Was Political”

Posted on July 15, 2011

Like Gloucester, Barack Obama has 9 lives (see video link below).

“I will take my case to the American people” – Obama snapped as he stormed from an unusually contentious budget meeting this week.  He is well aware that every time he opens his mouth he is essentially doing just that.  This is the drama and hauteur of the Obama that will go on to overreaching oratory, perhaps as early as in his press conference today.  Never has he been so available to the press.  But regardless of the outcome, Obama has, in the polls, already fallen 20 stories and survived like that NYC cat this week – bruised but no breaks.  [cat video here] He is now getting mixed reviews in the polls. []

Obama is deep into  revisionist history of his record on budget ceilings.  Asked by CNN why, as a Senator, he voted against a debt ceiling increase he said:  “that was just an example of a new Senator making a political vote as opposed to doing what was right for the country.”   Pay attention my fellow Americans, Now he IS doing what is right for the country because, as he often remarked in the freshmen years of his reign,  “I am the President.”

Meanwhile, as Rome declines and burns, the American people worry about their hard-earned benefits and struggle with homes in foreclosure, unemployment insurance running out and seeing the value of their primary investment, their homes, plunge beneath the amount of the mortgage. No wonder part of California wants to secede from the other half.  Next will be to secede from the union as led by a President who clearly cannot truly lead.

He who must take his case to the American people is a stunning example of an inability to “bring people together” as has always been his theme.  His running roughshod over Congress during the health care saga produced a Republican House.  Now he is making strategic moves only a leader who has failed with his peers can make.  It is often very effective.  Imagine the misunderstood President fighting upstream in DC against the tide.  Oh, let’s throw him a rope.  Let’s save him.  It is the dynamics of these kinds of moves that ultimately work for Obama, not the ideology.  America after health care reform awoke to blink at the now of it and wondered “how did we get here”?  Post debt ceiling debate, we  may be saying the same thing.

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