We Don’t Need the Race Card Played to Defend Obama in the Midst of this Crisis in Our Nation’s History

Posted on July 15, 2011

It is one thing to call someone despicably disrespectful, but racist?  The race card is a vehicle of last resort. It is the MOST disrespectful thing you can call someone. It is like adding fuel to the fire.  It’s use never has brought people together.

Whenever white America disagrees with President Obama firmly and with conviction, the race card is played somewhere by someone to undercut any/all arguments against his stand.  The President stormed out of his office after a heated exchange with Eric Cantor and said he would take his case to the people.  This is a man who knows what he CAN do to win the day.  This is a man in full control.

But this is also the same man who stood before America and damned the Cambridge Police before a trial was held to hold them at fault in a matter to do with a friend of his.  It ended in a Beer Summit.  At what point did the Police in Cambridge or in Boston cry racism?

How soon we forget  how besieged and really kicked around the last President was.  Worst of all, he was considered just plain dumb.  No one has called Barack Obama dumb.  But he is guilty of continuing the spending and of taking the nation in a more socialist direction.  Where in all of this is racism?  Whites have had it with having their stand on issues undercut by the race card.  Many middle class whites hold the Chicago “Weatherman” associate of Obama’s in contempt because of his politics as they do the President for his.

Let’s  put the racism genie back in the bottle. Someone should stand up in Congress and urge a coming together.

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