DC Dithering Can’t Be Good For Foreign or Domestic Investment Here

Posted on July 19, 2011

Many point to the fact that even with all of the “dithering” from the White House to Capitol Hill, investing in the US is still the safest because it it is in the most stable country in which to invest.  That said, isn’t there a “dithering”  downside?

This is a fast-moving world on every level.  In economics as in warfare, dithering can be deadly.  Remember all of our troops who died as our Chief Executive dithered about troop levels in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Republicans did not control the House then.

There was and no doubt is plenty of bailout money for banks and brokerage companies but not for book stores and small businesses.  Not many in Congress stood up and were counted in helping small business get through this depression.  We all know small business is the cradle for increased employment, innovation and economic growth.  But no one in any quarter of DC was even up to dithering about what to do.  The places in which domestic and foreign investment could make a difference are no longer even there in many cases.

Psychologically, who in the world in his right mind would invest in a country with such massive unemployment and a government top-heavy with ditherers?  Time for a change in the decision-making pipeline.  This is a nation divided.  And as Lincoln warned, it cannot stand.  Lincoln did not factor in dithering.  That speeds the process.

The sharp divisions in this country have led not only natives but foreigners to  worry about social upheaval as the depression exacerbates a deeply divided government and citizenry.  Dithering is the fly in the ointment. It is taking us down.

Time to plan a PR campaign for the American economy no matter how this deadlock works itself out and it will.  There will either be an agreement or a default and then a long period of ignoring more pressing issues to consider “da fault” of it all.  Meanwhile, this is the best of times for people with money who want to snap up depressed housing, but the worst of times for those without capital.  If ever there were a period that would create more wealth on the backs of the less fortunate,  this would be it.  Dithering be damned.

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