Sad Saga of Ivanna Trump – Grandmother Unwelcome?

Posted on July 21, 2011

Ivanna's successful daughter, Ivanka.

During Donald Trump’s initial big splash in Manhattan – he built Trump Tower and bought and refurbished the Plaza Hotel, Ivanna Trump, his first wife was both beauty and brains in his operation and top designer.  She brought the glitz to all of his properties.  When the marriage ended, so did her good fortune.  The Plaza had to be sold and she retreated to designing jewelry and other items.  She hit the European scene and added to her cache of husbands.  She has just split with her fourth husband which means her love life has been costly since her years with the Donald.

She has gone from spreads in upscale publications to become a kind of tabloid queen with reports of having been removed from an airplane because of a fight with a mother and her children over their noise level.  She was screaming the “f” word in front of the children and had to be restrained by crew members.

Worse, she has made some unsavory and unseemly public appearances.

To the left, an appearance as an artist’s model on Celebrity Big Brother, a British TV show.  Other pictures of her these days don’t look much better. She is slightly stooped and haggard looking.

If Ivanka Trump has a talent for design, she gets it from her mother.  If she has classic good looks, a lot of it comes from mother as well.  But you do not see them photographed together anymore.  And with the arrival of a new grand baby, you don’t see Ivanna in the picture anywhere.  Ivanka brought her daughter, Arabella Rose,  home from the hospital in the company of a security guard and not any of her family.

In 2006, Ivanna’s drinking surfaced and got her removed from a large function:

Ivana Trump was escorted out of Saturday night’s star-studded Carousel of Hope Ball in Beverly Hills for being a drunk wreck! Sources say that she was extremely intoxicated and collapsed into a comatose state when she reached her hotel. Friends were scared for the luscious woman’s state of health and called the paramedics.

Tee totaling Trump has had booze problems in the past. She apparently sought treatment earlier this year.

When she first divorced the Donald she held her own and would tout the fact that success is the best revenge.  But somewhere between husbands 2 and 4, something went terribly wrong.  Her real estate ventures are in trouble from Las Vegas to Great Barrier Reef and the more recent tower in Beirut is also not doing well.  The impact on her is unknown but we should remember Ivanna was an Olympic skier in her youth and that discipline should  helped her through any misfortune.

Ivanna has survived but how well, we may never know.  At least one Huffington Post reference to her was a dead end.  Perhaps the family are cleaning up what is out there about her.  Regardless, another international figure has hit bottom suffering from too much money and power.  It corrupts you know.  It changes people.  Just ask Rupert Murdoch and company.