Toad At The Door

Posted on July 22, 2011

It’s summer and the bugs are circling around the light on my back porch.  And guess who is there taking it literally all in?  My Summertime Toad resident.

Of course he only comes out at night. Most of the time, he stays off to the right of the door.  When I see  him, I hold the storm door in front of him so my Jack Russell Terrier, Imp, will not see him.  She is  now 10 and not as sharp of nose or ear.  But she also is deep into treats and so when I yell, “leave the toad alone – treat” – she will leave the toad alone.

Tonight I opened the door and there was my toad looking back in at me.  He knows I protect him.  For a time I just sat and talked to him and he looked my way.  I took a quick flash with my camera phone.  I don’t want the camera to scare him away.

I think this toad is a “he” because he is smaller than the toad that used to sit on the back porch. I have read where the females are larger.  I think he is new to the scene.  The other toad was here for about three years until I stepped on her by accident.

I have looked up facts on toads and they can live 4-17 years in captivity.  I like to think that his toad will be here next year.  Perhaps he is the son of the other toad momma.  Regardless, I know where he lives – under the porch.  Imp is always digging there.  One fall, she dug up this or the other toad and I had to cover him/her again.

So as I approach my 70th decade, let it be known that I am kind to toads – that I even talk to them.  OK, I confess, I talk to my trees and shrubs too – especially in this hot weather.  I have an ancient Sycamore Maple on my property and the old man counts on me to keep him fed and watered.  I really talk to him – especially this summer.  In this drought, people may think I am watering my lawn.  I am only watering my leafy old friend whose roots go out quite far.

I miss summer for all of the “life” it brings to me and you will excuse me if I make my phone calls and blog posts short and my lawn talks and musings long.

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