Burger King Bounces Back Under Brazilian Ownership

Posted on July 24, 2011

The burger wars go on but at a brisker pace.  Brazilian company 3G Capital has been a fan to the AD agency that brought us the creepy figure of a silent King roaming the landscape, we are back to what is important – product quality.  Even the color changes are more tasteful.

SamHenry got coupon in the mail and having read about the buyout was curious.  The burgers are better than ever and the grilled chicken sandwich has a sourdough bread and could not be any better.

There is a new, fresh breakfast lineup.  They feature a San Francisco coffee so they are bringing on-line a coffee closer to Starbucks.  There are some refreshing entrees here.

The burgers are delicious and better than ever.  Ditto the fries.

SamHenry has some fast food favorites and  here they are:

  • Wendy’s #1 burger, fries drink.  Often substitute a baked potato for fries.  In season, LOVE the fish sandwich available only in spring.  Oh and don’t forget a frosty – just a little one!
  • Burger King burger or fish sandwich – anytime.
  • McDonald’s Angus wrap with Swiss cheese, mushrooms and mayo (I  hold the mayo).  Iced coffee is divine in summer.  Breakfast is always scrambled egg – sometimes with sausage – on a biscuit with their good OJ.  Splurge on the best hot fudge sundae around and at a size that will not do you in.
  • There is no other place for burritos than Chipolte.
  • Forgeddabout Taco Bell.  There is so little of anything in the burrito they should be embarrassed to have it on the menu.  However their bean burrito with cheese is well-filled and low cal and cost.


Burger King facts based on article here.

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