The Global Left Will Not Allow Us to Call Hitler and The Norwegian Shooter “Madmen “

Posted on July 24, 2011

Events in Norway this week have seen the sharp divide in Europe between the left and the right in full focus.  In the US, the budget deal has done that.  But the acts of  Anders Behring Breivik and those of the Republicans are not one in the same or should I say one in the sane.  Below from Al Jazeera is a brilliant article that attempts to throw a net of hypocrisy over any and all arguments on the right – especially those that cloak their criminals (and Timothy McVeigh and Anders Behring Breivik were indeed criminals) with the mantle of mad.  Rarely has there been such an effective undercutting of the politics of the right as this:

It is significant that the target of the Norwegian “madman” appears to have been the left-leaning Labour Party, both in Oslo and on the island where the shootings took place. Across Europe, the left has been forming alliances with Muslim groups to fight fascism and racism of all kinds, and it cannot be a coincidence that The politics of multiculturalism in the new Europe, a collection of essays from across the continent, published in 1997, concluded almost without exception that “the challenge” facing Europe was the presence of large Muslim communities in “our” midst. Anyone who claims therefore, that the perpetrator’s “right-wing traits” and “anti-Muslim views”, or even links with “Christian fundamentalist” websites are irrelevant is trying to draw a veil over the unacceptable truths of such “traits” and expecting us to believe that right-wing ideology is incapable of prompting someone towards such criminality.Of course, that idea is nonsensical. Right-wing ideology was behind the Holocaust; it has been behind most anti-Semitism and other racism around the world; the notion of Europe’s and Europeans’ racial superiority – giving cultural credibility to the far-right – gave rise to the slave trade and the scramble for Africa leading to untold atrocities against “the Other”; ditto in the Middle and Far East. Ironically, it is also far-right Zionism – far from the socialist myths of Zionist pioneers in the 1930s and before – which has been behind the ethnic cleansing of Palestine throughout the 20th century, right up to today, as a specific policy to be pursued – by military means if necessary.

This is well-documented and yet ignored by our political masters. In the context of the latest apparently far-right atrocities in Norway, it is equally ironic that the word in English for a traitor who collaborates with an enemy power stems from Major Vidkun Quisling who ruled Norway on behalf of Nazi Germany during the Second World War.

We dismiss this “madman” as a one-off “not linked to any international terrorist organisations” at our peril. If nothing else, history has shown us that such ideologies are trans-national across and beyond the West, with catastrophic effects on the rest of the world. We have been warned.[al Jazeera]

The author of the above is [e]ducation and media consultant Ibrahim Hewitt… the chair of trustees of the Palestinian Relief and Development fund and is Senior Editor of the Middle East Monitor. He is also a trustee of Creative Arts Schools Trust.

This is an effective argument unless you remember that extremism is not a hallmark of the West any more than Stalin was a hallmark of the Soviet bloc or Osama Bin Laden carried the burden of the entire Muslim world on  his shoulders.  These are societal aberrations.  The bulk of humanity spends all of the ages fighting these kinds of people and their spokesmen.

They in turn spend all of their waking hours trying to bring people around to their clinically unsound ideas of the value of both their perceived enemies and their colleagues.  It takes a  an ability to suspend disbelief as one does in watching a play on stage to broadly paint any group as being a monolithic force for evil.  Slavery exists all over the world. Indeed sexual slavery is found across Africa and the Middle East.  The Chinese made slaves of the Japanese.  It is a universal problem not the province of any group.

Not all westerners are imperialists.  Not all Muslims are terrorists.  But here we see the west as culprit because they have some kind of unsound element in their DNA that prevents them from being members in good standing of the human race.  The Norwegian shooter is in jail; the King and Queen of Norway weep openly in public.  This is fact.

Rham Emmanuel is no longer in Washington terrorizing congressmen in the showers on capitol hill.  He has his own principality in Chicago where he is still practicing his blatantly bad ways.  He is no longer nationally important or successful.  Extremism does on either side for long.  Witness one of Chicago’s own, the famous Weatherman of the 1960s, William Ayers who is not a national figure of import.  Sirhan Sirhan who killed that lion of the left, Robert Kennedy sits in a jail to this day.

These are madmen and we MUST call them that – on both sides.  If we do not than free speech will disappear from the world.  You can present a viable argument for protecting your borders, trying to curb those Muslims who want to remake the world in their image, and assert the legitimacy of your value system without being viewed as racist.  Somewhere between shooting people who disagree with you and civilized discussion to end others from running roughshod over your beliefs you will find the norm – the ground on which most people stand.

The above al Jazeera article allows for no tolerance and no redemption.  It illustrates a lack of compassion for differing points of view and a misinterpretation of historical fact.  But it is allowed and it is reproduced here for the purposes of furthering discussion and not hate.  Do not try to convince us the migration from the Middle East and Africa to Europe is not purposeful in many instances to topple regimes.  Gadaffi himself threatened his people in order to send them by the boat load to Italy.  It is a well-known fact that many (not all) Muslims in Britain, Norway and Holland are actively encouraging immigration.  In the Early years of the American republic, immigration was handled on a percentage basis in an effort,  however misguided, to be fair to all who wanted to come and to maintain multiculturalism.
The influx of Mexicans at our southern border is in many cases state endorsed in order to populate and take the southwest back.  This has been documented.  Former Mexican President Vincente Fox spoke to this directly.  So don’t attempt to paint all non-Europeans as innocents.  They are not now and never have been.  To take advantage of this tragedy to spill this kind of venom is beyond civilized norms.

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