Not to Be Missed: Zakaria Interviews New Head of IMF LaGarde 7/31

Posted on July 29, 2011

LaGarde with Her Former Husband

What we don’t have in this country’s media are more voices from around the world and from our neighbors, Canada and Mexico, in our press and electronic media.  For the most part, we talk among ourselves. We need to search out Charlie Rose or Fareed Zakaria to have exposure to the foreign leaders and politicians rarely interviewed by our media.

This Sunday 931 July 2011), Fareed Zakaria will host Christine LaGarde, new Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund on his show, GPS.  LaGarde is widely viewed as a brilliant financial head.  At this time in the history of the planet, for emerging nations to  agree that this French woman should make a European again head of an organization dominated by Europeans is indeed amazing.

Check your local listings for broadcast times of Fareed Zakaria’s GPS – Global Public Square.  Conservative, Liberal, Communist or nudist, hearing from LaGarde is important at this time in US history.

Meanwhile here is Zakaria’s take on where we are as a nation as we face the August 2nd deadline.  Weeks ago SamHenry wrote that the damage has been done regardless of what happens by August 2.  We have proved to the world that we are unable to steer the ship of state through meaningful compromise which is the basis for democracy.  Fareed must be a subscriber to this blog.  But it did not take a rocket scientist to arrive at this conclusion.

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