Debt Crisis: Why Aren’t We In The Streets Screaming?

Posted on July 30, 2011

We all agree that the budget machinations are disgraceful, unnecessary and beneath contempt.  Many of us could care less and are out enjoying summer – something legislators have counted on for centuries as they have traditionally have timed key legislation for the summer doldrums.  The rest of us are all sitting in our living rooms or lying in our bedrooms watching the tragi-comedy unfold on our flat screens and are so stupefied that we could not organize a posse to round up all the key players and put them in jail if we wanted to. Saddest of all, there is no break for a commercial in all of this.

The whole thing reminds SamHenry of moments in our entertainment history that were meant to be serious but that came out just the opposite. As Drudge Report headlined it, it’s “Theater of the Absurd.”  Here then, Sam’s favorite absurd moments in our history.

Here, Conan takes on a couple of our popular heroes and, like Barack Obama, we find they a full of it.

We honestly thought Lassie understood Timmy and could go for  help.  We  honestly thought Barack Obama was a centrist who could bring us all together.  His election would be the high point of the history of our nation.  In an unfathomable twist of fate, he became the agent of the destruction of our nation in the surest way to destroy it:  tinkering with our economy and polarizing everyone in the process.  He cannot bring Democrats and Republicans together.  As is Hollywood buddies desert him and others hardly call, it is clear that he has lost his support system.  All he has left is his inability to use Twitter without spamming and to go on vacation with everyone in the same aircraft rather than let the dog ride in his own.

Congress is another matter.  Like the good and bad forces in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, neither side can see the position of the other.  It’s like Butch and Sundance looking at one another periodically as they were being chased and  saying “who are those guys”?  Totally in the dark, they have taken us to the precipice and, like Paul Newman, are too dumb to see that it doesn’t matter if you can or cannot swim in the river below; the fall alone will kill ya.  Enjoy the ride down folks.

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