The Curse of Queen Camilla

Posted on July 31, 2011

For those of  you that do not believe that Charles and Camilla will be the death of the monarchy, take a look here.  This is the doddering duo at Zara’s wedding yesterday:

The most exotic Indian chief would not be caught in headgear like that worn above.  And no self-respecting squaw would be found in the company of a man who does not look as if he knows which way to turn.  What pitiful circumstance.

But that necklace – that will really turn people off during a recession.  We know she is hiding the aged neck of a chicken but all the same, my reaction was duplicated by another journalist:

Can the Duchess of Cornwall really get away with dressing like Catherine Zeta Jones, asks Bryony Gordon

What does one wear if one has to attend a fabulous white-tie gala at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia, alongside the great and the good of the music world (and Rod Stewart) and some of the East Coast’s most prominent members of society, and one wants to outshine them all?

If one is the Duchess of Cornwall, one wears a rather elaborate necklace of rubies (36 in total) strung between hundreds of glittering diamonds, and teams it with a dress with a plunging neckline. With the onus being on the word plunging.

As evening wear, the Duchess of Cornwall’s choice for Saturday night’s gala was more Catherine Zeta-Jones than Camilla Parker-Bowles. For many royal traditionalists, used to the dainty pearls and classic brooches favoured by the Queen, the sight of Camilla wearing two tons of rocks around her neck may have had them choking on their cornflakes. Certainly, it made an impression on the guests at the gala. [Telegraph]

The rocks in question:

Clearly the woman is cursed with a considerable deficiency of common sense.  And she will be a curse to the monarchy the day Charles is crowned or perhaps she alone will wear the crown and the pants in the family.  Think I’m kidding?


She’s been practicing with a tiara worn by the late Queen Mother.

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