Government by Gimmick

Posted on August 2, 2011

Does anyone really know what Congress hath wrought this week?  One internet source described it as a “deal trick”


Deal Trick Allows Congress to Delay Budget Decisions for Two Years

Here’s one more reason why many Democrats are privately loving the debt ceiling deal – it “deems” a budget for the next two years, allowing them to avoid a showdown like the one that nearly ground the government to a halt last spring.

COMMENTARY obtained a memo sent out by the Senate Democratic Policy & Communications Center, which shows Democrats raving about the budget gimmick (emphasis mine):

One important but overlooked element of the bipartisan debt limit compromise is that it greatly defuses the potential for intense budget showdowns over the next two years. 

The compromise expected to pass today, in effect, “deems” a budget resolution passed for each of the next two fiscal years. …

The effect of both facilitating the 302(a) allocations and establishing the security firewall under this debt-limit deal is that the legislation greatly reduces the odds of a budget standoff at the end of the current fiscal year on September 30.  While the various appropriations subcommittees will still need to reach agreement on how to meet their respective spending targets, and while it is always possible for congressional Republicans to try to hold up the FY12 spending bills over extraneous policy riders or other matters, the legislation significantly reduces the chances of a sequel to last spring’s government shutdown drama. [Commentary Magazine]

CNN annalists point to the probability that the Super Committee will be comprised of big guns that will keep things stalemated – making it all certain to fail thus triggering…ah, well, who knows and at this point, who cares.  The American public will watch in horror as their representatives further frustrate and embarrass them rather than work for them.  The selfishness quotient in representatives these days is borne out by the fact that so many are having blatant affairs and using government property for their personal ends that they don’t have time left to dream up evasive action on the legislative floor.
And the big guy in the White House?  He has already set himself up as the driving force of the Super Committee.”  Right there in the Rose garden he expressed his disappointment at most of the compromise and then read a laundry list of his expectations for September:  Millionaires and Billionaires have been put on notice again, tax reform aka tax hikes will be on the agenda.  Jobs, jobs, jobs – Obama and Pelosi both recited the new mantra.  But most memorable was Obama’s tag line for use from now until November 2012 “People elected a divided government not a dysfunctional government.”  Can this be the leader of the free world talking?  Father of a dysfunctional national family?  Kate and William just hopped aboard a regional jet in Britain and flew with their fellow cits on a short hop.  Bo the Presidential Pooch has been known to have a charter plane ferry him to Maine.  Now who is the better example?  Right, you’ve got it – Millionaires and Billionaires.

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