We Sent 21st Century Fighting Men Into Battle with mid-20th Century Chinook

Posted on August 7, 2011

You can’t blame Panetta for what happened last week to 30 of our finest aboard a Chinook helicopter in Afghanistan that were shot down.  The blame resides with a Commander-in-Chief who dithered and debated about troop levels and military spending at the end of last year.  The Chinook should have been retired years ago.  If the military ran an airline,  they would have to have done so.

In short, our lack of funds and old military equipment just don’t cut it in the era of Having to fly in under the radar and to have all choppers equipped as the one used in the Bin Laden attack.

Well the next group of specialized men trying to pull off a mission will fare any better.  Cutbacks will literally put our men at Risk.  We need to be very careful about our military cut backs, very careful.



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