Having A Big Party in a Bad Economy

Posted on August 17, 2011

Turning 70 next January made winter look even colder so I staged a big bash in my garden this summer.  It was a financially reckless thing to do in this economy but it was also a salute to the past – mine and that of so many other people who will never again be living as well as they did before this depression.  That is what it is, a depression.  What else would you truly style a time with this much unemployment and people losing their homes.

I combined my usual summer party “The Moose is Loose” with my birthday and the first anniversary of a young lady who is like a daughter to me.  I rented a tent, I hired a caterer and I invited 30 people.  Here are the preparations undertaken the day before – a day that saw me biting my nails over the weather forecast – heavy rains and thunder storms.

Guess what – there is a God in heaven.  The rains stopped just before the party and started up again just afterward.  It was a perfect day.  Here are a few pictures of  the scene.  Better ones are on the way.

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