Rick Perry and that Twang Thang

Posted on August 17, 2011

Iffen you’re gonna wear cowboy boots and a Stetson and twang your way into the top of Texas politics then be aware that the rest of the country may just recoil from you at the border.  They will have that “I’ve seen this before”  attitude because they have not only just ridden Baby Bush out of DC on a rail but they have been weaned on old movies like Annie Get Your Gun (and the other guy’s if you can) or The Unsinkable Molly Brown or Daniel Boon or just about any good story about how a sage brush innocent was rejected by people who were too ignorant to see the beauty in their souls.

Enter Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, into the Presidential Primaries and the national pastime of waiting for him to slip up is engaged.  This week, there were few disappointments.  In the usual exaggerated way of living and talking native to the Lone Star state, he indulged in slinging the word “treason” at the head of the Federal Reserve for his policies.  What a difference a day makes.  Suddenly in New Hampshire he was all smooth at the edges and on his best self-deprecating behavior.  But he deftly threw the ball back in the President’s court with:

“You know yesterday, the president said I needed to watch what I say,” Mr. Perry said, alluding to remarks by a White House spokesman that presidential candidates should be careful with their words. “I’d just like to respond back, if I may: Mr. President, actions speak louder than words. My actions as governor are helping create jobs in this country. The president’s actions are killing jobs in this country. It’s time to get America working again.” [ny times]

Just like Annie Oakley, Mrs. Brown and Daniel Boon, Governor Perry has learned quickly to play the game rather than move in to change the rules too quickly.  And we have remembered that those were long movies with valuable insights.  Are  you ready for more of this for the next year?

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