INTERVIEWS WITH Women Who Wince, Wring Their Hands of You and Head for the Door

Posted on August 20, 2011

If you’re Piers Morgan or Larry King, you can write books about interviewing women who feel insulted by your questions and leave or threaten to do so.  In recent memory, the women who have done this have been distinguished by indistinguishable intelligence and lack of experience.  In the videos that follow, you will see the work of two masterful interviewers who have learned how to win at the Q and A racket no matter what the subject says or does.

Case #1  Carrie Prejean

You remember Carrie – all that hoorah with the Donald about the Miss USA Pageant and the standing of gays in the world.  That theme takes down a lot of men and women these days.  Carrie answered Perez Hilton question about gay marriage during the pageant this way:

Straight answers to gay questions land you on Larry King Live and other talk shows and you have to be prepared to explain your answer and/or philosophy.  But Carrie continued as the victim:

Case # 2 Christine O’Donnell – the defeated Delaware candidate.   Christine O’Donnell has got to be a muse for martyrs.  Look at her most used image – the winsome whiner:

Christine had views of gays that were captured on video and audio tape and that she mentioned in her new book.  Yet when she made an appearance on the Piers Morgan Show, suddenly she was the victim of the hour and walked off the show when Piers went to ask her questions about her comments in the book and elsewhere about gays.

Sad that so many middle class women are tripping over their own words.  And rather than stand their ground, they are taking a hike with words of how they have been wronged foll0wing them out the door.

Please, fellow females, do not mess with the spotlight when it is thrust upon you.  Embrace it and talk on.  The key these interviewers have is that they can and you can’t. They stand their ground.  They smile and calmly continue no matter what you do.  To head for the door is, well, acting “inappropriately.”

If you want to be taken seriously and to advance in life, you need to learn ways of handling the press in any form.  Why?  Because no matter how you answer their questions, the interviewers ultimately win through calculated, conditioned responses.   You can only snatch victory here from the jaws of defeat through effective control of your reactions and putting forth your views in a clear, concise and artful way that draws people to you rather than provide fodder for laughter through dramatic high dudgeon. SamHenry could never vote for a woman who took a hike from the mike in the middle of a classic hissy fit.


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