Entering Summer Separation Syndrome; Heading for Winter Seasonal Depression

Posted on August 28, 2011

I looked around my leafy kingdom this afternoon and a feeling of loss overwhelmed me.  In what seems a matter of minutes, it will all be gone and the bare bones of the trees will haunt me for the next 6 months.  I have planted 6 trees this summer on my small property in an attempt to get back to the true green this part of the world used to be when Indians roamed the mossy paths around the Finger Lakes.

The seriousness of September is at the door.  Kids go back to school and adults get back into true work gear.  SamHenry will be back into the blog world more heavily and that is a passion.  But to grow older is to realize there is a limit to the number of summers one has and the need to enjoy them is more intense.  Being outside under the canopy of the sky is my greatest joy.  There is a trapped feeling that I carry around all winter.  Not even the occasional winter trip to a friend’s in Florida dispels it.  Florida is fake. 



The North East is real.  When the plane door opens onto the winter Florida scene and the warm air and intense green hits you, you have flashbacks to Dorothy’s arrival in Oz.  Technicolor!  Fake!  Florida!

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