Will God Run as a Republican

Posted on August 30, 2011

I really like a morning prayer to be back in schools and to be the big generic God it always was in those prayers.  I like to allow Jews their menorah and Christians their creche at the winter “holidays,”in public places  but I’m not at all sure I like the idea of H

im messing with either the weather or the candidates for election 2012.

God in the mind of a candidate – who has to hear about it?  God as studied by Rabbis, the clergy or mullahs, and etc. makes for a good forum on TV and in their individual houses of worship need to be taken seriously.  But God and his actions as perceived by a candidate for President – whoa.

Some candidates – mainly Republican – appear as more Godly than others are convinced that the earth quakes, hurricanes and floods are the result of God’s wrath at our country in general,and no doubt on the government in Washington.  When I see toads and locusts perhaps I will begin to see this.  I don’t even see global warming in this matter only earth and it’s atmosphere going about their business.  God never promised Adam and Eve a rose garden did he?

It has been reported the Michele Bachman “jokingly” put God behind our recent natural disasters. But in all seriousness, she finished up her speech on the matter yesterday and intoned:

“Oh Father God, I thank you that we are privileged to be here this morning in Iowa, one of the most beautiful states I’ve ever been privileged to be in.”

Then, the sky outside thundered, and raindrops pounded on the roof.

Lord, we hear you, Father, in the thunder,” she continued, eyes closed tightly. “We lift up our president to you today. We lift up the Supreme Court. We lift up the senators. We lift up the house members, Lord, as they grapple with this issue of how they deal with the finances for our nation.”

The sky thundered again. The pouring rain continued. [NY Magazine]

I do not profess to know the mind of God and it’s a sure thing I don’t want to vote for someone who does.  Limitless powers of perception like that are suspect and I think dangerous.  The discussion 2012 should focus on what we here can control  better than we do now: spending, spending and spending.  This takes in all of the issues – the budget, economic reform, ending the wars, and etc.  We haven’t really done a great job at controlling the possibly controllable in our lives.  That’s not God’s fault, is it?

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