Based on Looks Alone, Romney and Bachman Should Either Run on the Same Ticket or Get Married

Posted on September 6, 2011

Perfect hair, makeup and nails! Her views aren't unattractive either.

What a feast for the eyes Bachman and Romney were for TV viewers tonight in South Carolina.  There she was standing tall in a good-looking red jacket with white blouse and dark navy skirt.  She was poised and comfortable.  She had all of the outward signs of a viable candidate.

The other stunning entry in the if  looks could win it category was of course Mitt Romney.  His gray temples alone send women of a certain age into apoplexy. But in that suit tonight, well, he must have been the envy of all the other male wanna bees.

He has all the right stuff - including the requisite antlered specimen mounted on the office wall.

But there really is another attractive candidate in outward appearance terms and that is Rick Perry, Governor of Texas.  What is it about those men out of Texas who seem to show up at a time when we need a hero on a horse to rescue us?  Nothing really captures the spirit of American independence and self-sufficiency as does Texas and its people.  They are a breed apart.  What Perry lacks in the smooth and beguiling department Mitt has perfected, he makes up for in that endearing laid back attitude of the reality-based men of the west. He couldn’t be in South Carolina tonight because the Texas wildfires demanded his attention.

Unlike President Obama, if Perry were the President at this writing, he would have done what he did today – head home to his responsibilities.  Already he is light years ahead of Obama in this and has put Romney on the spot in the sense that this active governor is still involved in providing executive leadership.  Romney hasn’t got a lot to do these days.

Meanwhile there are shakeups going on in Bachman’s campaign.  Things  headed south when her former Campaign Manager Ed Rollins indicated publicly that it was a race between either Romney or Perry and Obama.  Ouch.  He promptly went into retirement. [Huff Po]   Say what  you will about her politics or knowledge of history, she has hung in there very well.

Sarah Palin has hung in there very well, too.  But what message is she REALLY sending to the other candidates never mind the American public?  It looks as if she is saying she will wait to see who comes out on top and then if she is not satisfied that person will represent the views she holds dear then she might have to jump in.  The shadow candidate remains in Iowa at this hour.  Why the bus; why the travel?   Palin has always been off beat and an American original but right about now, the American people want to get down to business in this election.  SamHenry believes she will not run. A last-minute spoiler is not always welcome when all the other candidates have been in there spending big bucks and pounding the pavement since day one of the campaign season.  Sarah Palin knows that her best successes since leaving Alaska have been those instances in which she has supported other candidates and their efforts.

Republicans are especially anxious to nail the leader down ASAP.  They are up against that slick Obama juggernaut that operates with or without him.  And sometimes it gets out of control.  In the call center for a national cable company this evening, a customer service rep got a campaign call from Obama headquarters.  They can’t even wait until you get home nights to talk reelection with you.

The fear is that the party will be too divided to really produce a candidate that could bring all of the many factions under the proverbial big tent.  There is a very real sense in which the Republican Party will emerge from the election season with a new party or with a mass exodus of some more traditional GOPers heading for the Independent column.  The latter seems the more plausible.  This time around, however, the chances are good that the independent vote will head in the “right” direction.