Republican Regressive Reclusive Behavior Syndrome Over Jobs

Posted on September 8, 2011

Most famous US recluse, Howard Hughes. In 1972, author Clifford Irving created a media sensation when he claimed he co-wrote an authorized autobiography of Howard Hughes. Hughes was such a reclusive figure that he did not immediately refute Irving’s claim, which led many people to believe the book was genuine.

Republicans should remember that Richard Nixon was first to open a dialog with Red China believing that dialog was more valuable than no dialog.  However, decades after Nixon’s China policy, Republicans have ceased dialog with their own President in their own country.  They have withdrawn from a response to the President’s Jobs speech this evening on national TV.

To withdraw from an immediate response is practical in many ways.  The speech should be studied for more time than a pre-release to them the day of the speech would allow.  Republicans no matter the strength of their arguments would be in the shadow of a Presidential address.  However, House Speaker Boehner needs to let the American people know of another forum where this will be carried out sooner rather than later.

Nancy Pelosi has styled the withdrawal of a response following the President’s address as disrespect.    Talk of disrespect should not be allowed to swirl unabated for very long.  The President is now victim.  His refusal to negotiate or to sign Republican legislation in the future will now be understood.  This may extend his shelf life.

No matter how down he is in the polls, the President still holds the bully pulpit.  He can command more air time than God.

In the end, not to provide an immediate response or to indicate one will be forthcoming is to lose momentum.  Who will tune in to a response to yesterday’s news by legislators exhibiting symptoms of Republican Regressive Reclusive Behavior Syndrome?

So Nancy Pelosi has heaped scorn upon Republicans for lack of a response tonight. I have never agreed with Nancy Pelosi in my life.  There is a first time for everything.  Nancy, huzzah!

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