Obama’s Jobs Act Speech: Construction and Manufacturing Job Creation but no Way to Pay for It

Posted on September 9, 2011

If  you are a card-carrying member of the tempest-tossed huddled masses yearning for a job in the US, then President Obama’s speech gave you  hope but no road to get there or the tolls you would need to pay.  The Tsar of the teleprompter had ideas without cost estimates; smug comments on the history of Republicans compared with how they behave now and overall, lots of support for labor.

As the President postured with a little more agitated body movement to communicate his urgency “you need to pass this [bill] right away,” members of his audience provided blow-by-blow commentary in their facial expressions in off-guarded moments.

Clearly she is saying to herself "I guess this hot air means I'll have to run again."

”] ”]

Ample opportunity for the Vice-President to cat nap and for Boehner to look startled. {MSNBC video

Many moments for making a point with a smirk worthy of a frog . This followed one of the more memorable phrases "now I know there are some people who...," followed by an example of Republican doctrine that he would reject.

Regardless of what the President said or did, it was incumbent on Republican leadership to make sure that the American people knew their alternative plan immediately following the joint session address.    They did not  have to respond to the Obama speech – few will.  There was nothing in it.  By closely juxtaposing presentations, the Republicans could have gained the day.

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