Summer 2011: Last Summer Supper Under the Trees

Posted on September 13, 2011


My neighbors and I love eating at my genuinely French blue bistro table and chairs out under the trees at the edge of my yard.  This afternoon, the weathermen warned “there will not be a day again this year as warm as this one” and we took note.  I stopped cutting the grass 1/2 way through the exercise and determined to have one last supper in our favorite place. I invited Dick and Sally who said that the storms had just hit Buffalo – wonderful – we had an hour.

I think the wisest thing to do in life is to follow your heart and not your head in such matters.  After all we are only talking a delay of completing the lawn cutting.  We could let it go until snow covered it since there is no better time to be had than a last minute, unplanned gathering of some sort or other.

I was able to put together what my maternal grandmother used to call “a pick-up meal” from not just left overs but from what was in the larder at the time.  I cut up and broiled small new potatoes, sliced onions and sauteed them for a time and then added fresh green and yellow string beans on top (lid on) and warmed a left over beautiful fresh chicken from a local Kosher market.  I also whipped  up a spinach salad because the man in our group is a grazing guy. The entire meal was topped off with a wine left from my 70th birthday bash – a chilled Sauvignon Blanc 2008 from Sterling vineyards, Nappa Valley.

As with my birthday party this summer, the rain didn’t put in an appearance until the last morsel had been relished.  Perfection.  Of course I had to put the lawn mower away in a downpour.

Our evening was like the third movement in a symphony – resolution and end to an extraordinary summertime among friends under my trees at that French Bistro table.


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