Who Stood Out at the Tea Party Debate September 12

Posted on September 13, 2011

Herewith, some random thoughts and comments about last nights debaters.

To this old dawg, the two participants who stood out but who currently are not ahead in the polls are Cain and Ron Paulson. Good old Newt Gingrich also shown brightly and deftly turned arguments to underscore the import of his experience.

With his steady, no nonsense approach and views toward running government that have a sound business footing, Herman Cain is more than deserving of consideration for a major national post in the federal government,but perhaps not as President. His one slip was the backbiting remark about reforming the EPA in which he promised to put those who had been harmed by the Agency in charge of it’s reform. Generally, he does not compare with the others in broad-based experience in governmental matters.

Ron Paul is an American classic in style. The wise and crusty Texan is a measured counterweight to his Governor, Rick Perry, also a candidate. Using humor and his considerable intellect, he can put forth ideas that are controversial that others find difficult to deliver. However, last night he was booed when he got into the area of understanding why we were attacked on 9/11. People thought his line was that we deserved it. His emphasis was to try to see what happened from the Muslim view point and experience – a lot different from jumping on the Muslim band wagon and exclaiming our guilt in matters Middle Eastern.

Newt often served to correct hindsight views of legislative matters by the other candidates in the “forget it, I was there fellas. This is what really went down” mode. Many feel his campaign is going nowhere and they may be right if the exit of the bulk of his staff is any indication. Still the former House Speaker held his own and if you didn’t know any specifics about him, came off as one of the most reasoned after Cain and Paul.

The prima donna tenor and tone of the Perry – Romney encounters may do both of them in if they are not careful. Most voters go for style and less for substance. Why else was Obama elected? They have developed a kind of smugness that comes from leaders in a pack. They are leaders today. With the boos Perry earned when he mentioned his pride in the Texas policy of helping to finance the higher education of illegal immigrants he may not be the golden child for long.

NOTE: When will we begin to call these illegal immigrants by name? Primarily they are Mexican citizens with other Central and South American countries sending “representatives” to our borders as well.

It is far too early to turn the Republican Race over to Romney and Perry. Romney and Perry have taken the next leap to the White House in garnering important endorsements but it is hoped that endorsements will not be taken as public sentiment.  Further, we must be careful in assessing them from the opposition’s point of view and the amount of attention paid to each.  They are in the business of helping to lead Republican primary voters to the door of the candidate they best feel they can out strip.

AFTERWORD:  As CNN has pointed out, Michele Bachman did get off a couple of good shots at  Perry’s method of arriving at and organization of the Texas program to inoculate young girls against cervical cancer.  But she does  not sustain her arguments from topic to topic well in these forums. She has her zingers and that is about it.