Whose New World Order Is It Anyway?

Posted on September 13, 2011

There’s an old novel called When Worlds Collide that came out of that fanciful decade, the 1930s.  It chronicles the collision of earth with another planet.  This year it’s deja vu all over again only this time it’s one man’s world view on a collision course with that of another.  The buzz phrase is “new world order” – but whose?  Consider my blogger friend Rob Lorinov’s recent comment on my blog:

What is going on here? Why it is the old Communist buddy system. You know, you scratch my red commie back and I’ll scratch yours. :) Russia and China have long held the same agenda in common (ie: destroy the US and West) through ECONOMIC means as they both have known fully well they could not defeat us militarily. They are now fully teamed up and pushing that agenda as we all know. Unholy alliance? You bet my dear!! And “Unholy” is the perfect word to describe this Communist agenda for the demise of the US and the West.

What is being called the New World Order is really not “new” at all but is rather old now. It’s the “new” name for the global communists who DO aspire to conquer the world and put us all under their subjection and tyranny. Putin is not to be trusted just as are the powers in Beijing. They are cooperating to ensure their agenda is completed. Do we recognize this in the West? What are we going to do to stop it? Ignore it? Stick our heads back in the sand? Most likely. :O

But what does this have to do with the goals of the “secret” group of wealthy individuals called the Bilderbergers who meet annually to discuss world government?  This group fits in with conspiracy theories about behemoth corporations seeking to rule the world.  Surely they are aware of the “New World Order.”

So where does this leave the Muslim radicals who want everyone to be dressed to the ninth century and obey Sharia?  Do the partners of al Qaeda and Hezbollah, the drug cartels in South America, know that soon their members will have to adopt the lifestyle of the followers of  Mohammad  – worse – do they really care?  Where does this kind of wanting a blanket takeover leave the cartels, the Russian Mob, the Godfathers in Italy and America – where?

The United States and its Allies are accused of Imperialism and all manner of bloody, bad deeds.  The big question of all the centuries is what is the difference between Imperialism and, well, a new Communist world order?  We just want to pay our bills and get on with our lives no matter which of the many world orders is in place.

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