What? CNN Poll Sees More Trust in Economy for Obama Than Republicans in Congress

Posted on September 14, 2011

Wait just a minute, we need to stop and look at that recent CNN poll that put Obama ahead of  Congressional Republicans on the Economy.  But specifically it is a referendum on the President’s new budget plan.

Back in June, a CNN poll put Obama in the basement  for his handling of the economy.

Obama’s falling approval numbers are likely a reflection of the economic times. 48 percent of respondents to the CNN poll said they believed another Great Depression was likely to occur in the next year, and 51 percent said that the economy was extremely important to their vote for president. Of the top five issues listed as extremely important, four relate to the economy: unemployment, gas prices, and the federal deficit. Health care is listed as the third most important issue.

(It’s not the economy, it’s you, says Obama)

The prominence of economic issues coupled with high unemployment seems likely to hurt Obama. A Gallup poll also released Wednesday has 60 percent of people disapproving of the way Obama is handling the economy. Though Obama gets high marks on dealing with terrorism, and approval from over 50 percent of respondents on dealing with Afghanistan and foreign affairs, it is clear that voters are not weighting those issues as heavily at this point.

The recent poll reflects the following comments:

The survey released on Wednesday shows that although a lot of Americans are still unsure what’s in the president’s new jobs bill, they like most of the major proposals offered in the plan that was sent to Congress Monday.

“By a 43-35 percent margin, a plurality of Americans approve of the economic program Obama outlined in his speech to Congress last week, but more than one in five don’t have any view at all of the jobs bill,” says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland.

The president will travel to North Carolina Wednesday as he continues to try to sell his $447 billion dollar plan to encourage job growth to the public.

And most of the nation agree that stimulating employment is important right now.

Two-thirds believe that creating jobs should take precedence over the federal budget deficit and only 29 percent say reducing the deficit should be more important that reducing unemployment. [CNN]

Somehow the American public is not worried about having the money to pay for what they want and need; the feel it is OK to push the debt further to accommodate current circumstances in the economy.

Alas, the Republicans should have provided voters with a structured plan via a press release following Obama’s address to Congress.  OK, most wanted to view the football game ruling out a televised response that night.  SamHenry accepts this now. But a press release would have helped.

Ditto the attack on Ron Paul over his comments on Social Security during the Tea Party debate Monday night.  He did not say people should be allowed to die – an interpretation Democrats support.  He was reflecting on a time people have forgot in which people and not the government helped each other and also helped themselves.  They lived by that word that used to be operative in this country from the time of Emerson and Thoreau – “self-reliance.”

“Self-reliance is the only road to true freedom, and being one’s own person is its ultimate reward.”  Emerson

Yesterday in a speech, Obama blamed unwarranted attacks by Republicans for his low poll rate in overall approval.  [CNN on Air]  Democrats in general and Obama in particular like to get personal as often as possible.

Pork, corruption in government and business, special interest lobbies and loss of moral compass on both side of the aisle compounded by a weak and inexperienced President have led to our current demise.    Republicans need to get more impassioned in fighting against these issues.  And the timing of their responses need to be tightened and structured – not leaving it to interviews with a few select Republican commentators.

If this post seems to jump all over the place and to feel unstructured, blame Obama and the Congressional Democrats and how they handle things.