Obama Promises Hispanics Immigration Reform and Jobs Bill items to Benefit Them Specifically

Posted on September 15, 2011

At the Congressional Hispanic Institute’s 34th Annual Awards dinner, the President made economic and immigration promises directly to the target audience.  Furthering divisiveness in a nation that needs to hear that ALL workers will benefit equally from the package, the president also said that his jobs plan would benefit Latino businesses as well. [Daily Mail. uk]

Having recently given a general overview of his jobs plan at his speech before a joint session of Congress, Obama is releasing details as slowly as a time relief capsule for whatever ails you.  Withal, he was not specific in how Latinos would specifically benefit as a group. If they do, it would be no more fair than the quota system for college entrance and jobs that was overturned as being unfair more than a decade ago.  This kind of thing helps no one in the end.

But on immigration there was no doubt that Latinos get preference in that quarter.  These days, immigration is synonymous with Latino – something that is way off balance.  Yes we need cheap and younger labor but it should be coming from many sources.  Here a quota system has been overturned as well but that does not keep us from applying the rules to all immigrants equally.  Illegal is what the name implies:  illegal.  This is a nation of laws.  The arguments that we stole the southwest, that Central and South American peoples who are 1/2 indigenous peoples are used to wandering unhampered in the hemisphere and that we are overly prejudice should not deter us from being a political entity with a border that cannot be breached as easily as it is.

Meanwhile Boehner is making a low-key presentation of the Republican economic plan today at the Economic Club of Washington.  This is more than irritating because it is not to a wide audience.  These issues are too important to keep them the purview of a selective club in an afternoon address when people are at work.  Boehner’s entire approach to the media is going to come back to  haunt the party.  Republicans should be embracing public forums and not waiting 10 days after a Presidential address to answer Obama’s points. [CNN]


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