End to Privacy – All About You on the Net

Posted on September 16, 2011

I’m in shock and denial.  Outfits on the net like Spokeo.com have been putting it ALL together in one place.  Yes it’s one stop shopping for information about you that is out there and available and for the most part free.

First my property is listed on the tax rolls that are on line.  My marital status is one thing but they go on to your astrological sign and your interests.  The basics such as religion and race are there.

Of course they found that unlisted phone number AND your cell phone.  They found information about what degrees you have and all of this is illustrated. Yes they go to Google earth and publish a street view of your house.

Now they are at work on guess what – family trees.  All of this will be brought together.  So give up.  For those of you who don’t do online banking because they worry about privacy, no worries.  It’s already out there how much you make and what you do.  Oh and even a indicator on where you stand on your credit score (generally).

With businesses like these allowed to cull information from other sources and arrange it as if they had been commissioned to create  your family album, identity theft and worse will be easy pickin’s.  Only Congress can put an end to this attack on individual privacy.

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