How Will Hillary (and Bill) Influence Election 2012?

Posted on September 17, 2011

According to Bloomberg today, Hillary Clinton polls above everyone currently running for President in 2012.  2/3 of Americans look back at her longingly and wish they had voted for her.  For an undeclared candidate, this is quite remarkable.  Yet, if  you aren’t out there as a candidate putting yourself and your views on the line, would that number hold?

Be that as it may, the Obama administration had many Clinton people in the White House.  Hillary has essentially been in charge of foreign affairs and could just be the reason our standing abroad has not floundered any worse than it has.  She  is like an anchor to this administration.  And Bill Clinton has been the one Barack has called in when things needed mopping up.  He would go on the hustings to calm a worried or angry public after an Obama gaffe.

Whether she runs or not, Hillary will be the one to watch.  Like Sarah Palin,  she is a kind of shadow candidate albeit her influence is far greater as is her standing nationally.  There may come a time if between now and November 2012 that if the economy tanks or there is some incident we cannot imagine nationally or internationally that again throws Obama’s ability to lead into doubt that people will be clamoring for her to run.  The only caveat is:  watch who the Republicans nominate. That could be the most potent challenge imaginable.  Why?  They not only have momentum but all of the Republican horses may not be at the gate at this writing.

The  Clintons are seasoned professionals.  They are acutely aware of the short-term memory loss of voters.  They look  back at the Clinton years with sentiment reserved for departed loved ones all the while forgetting that the Clinton stamp has been on this White House.