SamHenry Almost Bought the Farm in a WWII Naval Trainer, the AT-6

Posted on September 17, 2011

A few years back at the Air Show in Geneseo, NY, SamHenry shelled out big bucks to take a once-in-a-lifetime ride in an open cockpit WW II trainer, the AT-6.  This model from England was equipped with a Harvard engine.

Here is a video of someone taking a ride in an AT-6 at the Geneseo Air Show piloted by an Aussie.  This client took only a 1/2 hour ride.  Sam paid for an hour!



Sam’s late father who tested the P-56 for Curtiss-Wright as Chief of Production Test Pilot, Buffalo, NY used to barnstorm all over the Genesee Valley in his WACO

Dad's Red WACO which he nicknamed "The Red Death."


Sam wanted to fly over the region in approximately the same mode as her Dad.

Dad on the right with a friend and the WACO

The AT-6 in which Sam flew was equipped with a camera mounted behind the forward cockpit, as in the video above. [will my upload my video after edit.  Check back tomorrow]  In true character, Sam chatted through the entire flight which included a visit to the Letchworth Park gorge, the “Grand Canyon of the East.”

When we returned to the air field in Geneseo (literally in a field on a farm), the pilot circled and then began his descent to land.  All of the sudden he pulled up sharply. Sam saw another vintage plane below them.  The pilot calmly said he needed to circle one more time for a landing.  Sam shot back with “don’t try to kid me.  We almost bought the farm.”  He acknowledged that fact.

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