Who Really Runs Libya in Transition?

Posted on September 17, 2011

To read the press from the Transitional Council, they are the only legitimate government in Libya.

The council derives it legitimacy from the decisions of local councils set up by the revolutionary people of Libya on the 17th of February. These local councils facilitated a mechanism to manage daily life in the liberated cities and villages. The council consists of thirty one members representing the various cities of Libya from the east to the west and from the north to the south. The aim of the Transitional National Council is to steer Libya during the interim period that will come after its complete liberation and the destruction of Gaddafi’s oppressive regime. It will guide the country to free elections and the establishment of a constitution for Libya.

The Council members representing Al Buntan, Al Gubbah and Benghazi have been named while the names of those representing Ajdabiya, Zintan, Misratah, Nalut and Ghat have not been disclosed due to security reasons. The council is awaiting the nomination of representatives from the central and southern regions as well as Tripoli.

The Council notes that it is the only legitimate body representing the people of Libya and the Libyan state and calls on all the countries of the world to recognise it and deal with it on the basis of international legitimacy. The Council also notes that it will honour and respect all international and regional agreements signed by the former Libyan government, emphasizing its aspirations in seeing Libya play a significant role in the establishing international peace and security.

The Council also stresses that the heads of envoys and Libya’s representatives in the UN, the Arab League and all international and regional organisations, and our embassies and diplomatic missions who have joined this revolution are the legitimate representatives of this Council in these places. We also request from those who have yet to transfer their affiliation with this Council to do so. [ntclibya.org]

The following is a kind of “status report” on how things stand between the allies, Turkey and the NTC:

[In touring Libya this past week, Turkey’s Prime Minister] Erdogan is hoping to reap political and economic dividends from Libya’s new rulers for his country’s help in their struggle to topple Muammar Gaddafi.

France and Britain spearheaded the air campaign that toppled Gaddafi, but Turkey – which had contracts worth $15bn in Libya – backed it reluctantly and was slow to recognise those now leading the oil-rich North African country.

A Turkish ship did play a key role in evacuating civilians from the coastal town of Misrata while it was besieged by Gaddafi forces, and Turkey has recently been vocal in supporting the NTC and provided it with $300m in cash, loans and other aid.

Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president, and David Cameron, the UK prime minister, were told their support may be repaid in business contracts with Libya.

Turkish companies with business in Libya are hoping the NTC will honour pending payments once assets are unfrozen.

It is hoped that the import of the Erdogan tour of  North Africa in recent days (including Cairo) has been that Turkey could serve as a model of the blend of Islam and democracy [aljazeera]

ENDNOTE:  Thousands of Chinese workers were evacuated from Libya before the Revolution.  Just what will be China’s role within Libya going forward?

Aside from being accused of trying to sell the Gaddafi forces arms, they have turned a corner so to speak:

Beijing, Sep 17 (IANS) China has pledged to play an active role in the post-conflict reconstruction in Libya, the foreign ministry said.

‘China believes the relationship between China and Libya will develop smoothly with joint efforts,’ foreign ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu was quoted as saying Friday.

Libya’s new authority — the National Transitional Council (NTC) — has said it will implement any international deals and contracts that were previously agreed to by the Muammar Gaddafi regime.

‘This message is very important for the international community, as foreign investors can look forward to reliable and stable cooperation with Libya,’ the Chinese spokesperson said.

Jiang said China values the role of the NTC and hopes that the contracts signed by China and Libya will be carried out in the future.

‘Employees of China’s Libyan embassy will return to Tripoli when the time is ripe,’ she said [inews]

Of course the Chinese will again be in there big time.  Few today can run a country without it’s fiscal power.

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