Ron Paul: Sometimes “Nice Guys” Finish First

Posted on September 18, 2011

Nice Guy; BAAAAAD tie.


Folksy, irreverent,  irascible , but infinitely quotable – right out of a Texas novel – Republican candidate for President, Ron Paul won the California straw poll yesterday.  According to CNN, he has gained momentum in recent weeks.  Texas Governor Rick Perry ran second in the straw thang and former Governor Mitt Romney ran third.

Known for his common sense but also for his controversial views on Islam and the 9/11 attacks, he will have to suffer more debates and public events before fully emerging as THE candidate who can hold on to first place.  It is too early to tell who will  hold that spot in the Republican field.

Paul will also have to take a step back from his spirited and often crabbed delivery of  his views of the meaning of 9/11 and see the feelings and views of others for what they really are.  In this area he, like Obama, does not have a sense of  his constituency.  His often is also the stance of an enlightened lecturer who sees a truth others cannot see without even trying to help them to see it with good points.

Nice guy he is but he, like the other candidates at present, is less than perfect.





























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