Can Sarah Palin Survive 2 Gossip-Filled Books OR Has Her Rogue Nature Done Her In?

Posted on September 23, 2011

With not one but two books filled with red-hot gossip about Sarah Palin hitting shelves and hard drives this week (no titles or authors will be publicized here), is it any wonder that Palin supporters are questioning not Sarah Palin but the authors of these books?  Their negativity may backfire and actually add to her approval ratings rather than see them tank.

While Sarah is used to dealing with this kind of thing and bouncing back,  she no longer has a large staff of people who can research come back remarks and alternatively boost her spirits. But she is not really a public figure in the true sense of the word.  Rather Sarah Palin is a force in American politics and that counts for a whole lot in the scheme of things.

Detractors need to remember one thing:  this is a rogue in politics.  Unassisted, Sarah herself will work her way back from any set back these publications represent.  She is the original “Little Engine that Could.”

For this writer, the only thing that truly detracts from her attractiveness as a candidate is that very rogue element.  At this time in our nation’s history, can we afford a rogue president?

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