At Last: Florida Straw Poll Confirms Great Interest in Cain As A Viable Candidate

Posted on September 24, 2011

Just when you thought you’d have to spend months enduring the endless sparring between Perry and Romney, the race has had an opening up in Florida.  A straw poll gave a substantial lead to Herman Cain.  As it turned out, it was not just a vote against Perry but also against Romney and Bachmann.  It was a rout, no question about it.  A thoughtful low-key candidate finally surfaced as an intelligent alternative.

Mr. Cain won the poll with 37% of the 2,657 votes cast. Mr. Perry finished a distant second, with just over 15%.Mitt Romney, who has been dueling with Mr. Perry for the status of front-runner in national opinion surveys, placed a close third in the Florida poll, with 14%. Mr. Romney is building a presence in Florida, but he had said he would not actively campaign in any straw poll.

The Florida activists showed little enthusiasm for Rep. Michele Bachmann, who carried only 1.5% of the vote. Ms. Bachmann had won a straw poll last month in Iowa, where the participants were thought to include a large number of evangelical Christian conservatives.

Mr. Perry’s second-place finish caps a difficult stretch for the Texas governor after he stumbled repeatedly in a Thursday night debate, also held in Orlando. In interviews, many Florida Republicans said they had attended the debate expecting to back the Texas governor in the straw poll. But they reconsidered after his poor showing [Wall Street Journal]

So the Cain campaign gains momentum.  Many are hoping that this poll was not just a matter of grasping at straws but that he is genuinely on his way  [] .


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