Canada Grapples With Confusing Mix: Islam, Its Economic Impact and the Question of Terrorism

Posted on September 24, 2011

When Britain finally hit the American colonials in their pockets, that’s when the specter of an American Revolution heated up.  Thus ran the theory of Charles and Mary Beard in their seminal work about the economic roots of the fight for American independence.

The mix of economic and political elements and what leads to a flash point is playing itself out in Canada to our north (these days one has to explain where things are exactly).  The Conservative Prime Minister of Canada has in recent weeks sought to reintroduce anti-terrorism legislation.  Why?  This is the question the opposition there is asking:

UPDATE: Liberal interim leader Bob Rae told reporters in Ottawa Wednesday that if Prime Minister Stephen Harper wanted to bring back the measures he would face a “good debate” in Parliament.“The Prime Minister needs to explain to us why if these measures were so important and necessary they were not in place for four years,” Rae said. “Is the Prime Minister saying that for the last four or five years we were at risk, at greater risk because the measures have not been in place?”

NDP MP Paul Dewar said in an email to Huffington Post Canada on Tuesday that Harper’s plan isn’t necessary.

“Stephen Harper’s plan to reintroduce these draconian provisions simply isn’t backed up by the facts. The government has produced no evidence to justify this move. Security is obviously important to Canadians, and we can make Canada secure without resorting to measures like these.

“In fact, the former Director of CSIS Reid Morden has said that these provisions were needless and crossed the line between state security and individual rights.” [Huff Po]

The Green Party and others point to the fact that the push for reinstatement is actually a reaction to the economic Islamization of Canada – primarily the fact that many Muslim families with multiple wives in the household are receiving welfare for each wife.

“What we need is security, yes, but security of jobs, pensions, housing, and transportation systems so that we have a place to live, a place to work and the ability to get there. [GreenParty]

Sharing the longest un-patrolled border in the world with Canada, it is important for us to be aware of what is going on there.  Most Americans know little more about Canada than they do about Mexico.  The time for that is past.  We need to wake up and pay attention to our neighborhood.  The focus needs to be just as much on these two countries as on China and Russia.

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