2012 Racial Race to the White House

Posted on September 25, 2011

The issue of illegal immigration infected the GOP Presidential debates.  Perry supports financial breaks for illegals from Mexico and South America to go to school.  That has unleashed a firestorm.

And now the President of the United states, not trusting in his seconds to do it for him or his seconds having refused to do the job, has entered the race wars to the White House.  In a speech before the Congressional Black Caucus, he gave the battle cry to blacks by speaking to their number in terms of their color:

Obama’s speech to the annual awards dinner of the Congressional Black Caucus was his answer to increasingly vocal griping from black leaders that he’s been giving away too much in talks with Republicans — and not doing enough to fight black unemployment, which is nearly double the national average at 16.7 percent.

“It gets folks discouraged. I know. I listen to some of y’all,” Obama told an audience of some 3,000 in a darkened Washington convention center.

But he said blacks need to have faith in the future — and understand that the fight won’t be won if they don’t rally to his side.

“I need your help,” Obama said.

The president will need black turnout to match its historic 2008 levels if he’s to have a shot at winning a second term, and Saturday’s speech was a chance to speak directly to inner-city concerns.

He acknowledged blacks have suffered mightily because of the recession, and are frustrated that the downturn is taking so long to reverse. “So many people are still hurting. So many people are barely hanging on,” he said, then added: “And so many people in this city are fighting us every step of the way.”

But Obama said blacks know all too well from the civil rights struggle that the fight for what is right is never easy.

“Take off your bedroom slippers. Put on your marching shoes,” he said, his voice rising as applause and cheers mounted. “Shake it off. Stop complainin’. Stop grumblin’. Stop cryin’. We are going to press on. We have work to do.”  [AP via yahoo]

Make no mistake.  Obama has joined the white middle class protesters in Wall Street in declaring war on the establishment.  But wait, wasn’t Obama the very person who allowed bail out monies for banks and brokerages that kept the heads of the criminal institutions from jail in addition to funding the future for their employees (only to see BAC and others laying off thousands of workers today)?  Has the caucus gone mad and suffered mass memory-loss?

You will not soon see Obama going to an assembly of poor whites and identifying with them closely and then giving them the war cry.  Never.  He does not identify with them.  As any true American leader and most poor blacks know, poor whites  have suffered in disproportionate numbers as well.

Clearly the war has been engaged.  Obama will play to illegals and blacks to the exclusion of what he knows to be the true minority, whites, and will bring the revolution to America if he can.  And Morgan Freeman, who on Piers Morgan claimed it was in fact a race war, is Obama’s first lieutenant in Hollywood – that other important region of support.

The so-called “silent majority” needs to step up to the plate and use brains and not brawn to counter all of this.  We need a true statesman to emerge now.  It just may be the Cain will be that statesman.  He is proof positive that Democrats are two-faced when it comes to their regard for blacks.  They have hung Obama out to dry.  Where is Pelosi now?  Where is the Chicago machine?  Where are the Harvard intellectuals?

No wonder Chelsey Clinton now has a Facebook page.  No wonder President Clinton gathered his whole family on stage the other night at the meeting of  Clinton Global Initiative [Bill even introduced his son-in-law in the audience – Washington Post]. No wonder the Clintons are circling the greens on the golf course.  They will land.  They will have to to save the Democratic Party.  At this rate, Obama will tear it to shreds.