CNN Poll and Sarah Palin Marginalize Herman Cain Less Than 48 Hours After Florida Straw Poll Win

Posted on September 28, 2011

Where’s the bounce?  Herman Cain trounced all the other candidates in the Florida Straw Poll Saturday the 24th of September and the very next day CNN carried the results of one of their polls that headlined Romney and Perry as still leading the pack. While Perry led this poll, Romney was seen as the winner against Obama. The poll was conducted Friday through Sunday following the most recent GOP debate.  But it was published in prime media time – Monday, September 26th at noon.

Polls confirm reality, right?  Wrong.  They are some of the most powerful media tools to sway opinion.  We take polls as gospel yet we do not know how any of them were set up. So where were the interviews of Cain after his win?  Difficult to find.  And today – 2 days after his win just Google “News Herman Cain September 27 2011 and, well, not much there.

ABC early this morning published their take on Greta Van Sustern’s interview of Sarah Palin on Fox September 27th that saw the shadow candidate refer to both Governor Christie and Herman Cain as  “the flavors of the week” GOP candidates.  She says it’s “late” but that she could still beat Obama.  In that CNN poll above, Cain and Palin garnered the same percentage of the vote 7%.

So Cain is back to being a little lower than the angels, warming up in the bull pen waiting patiently for his next opportunity.  A thoughtful, composed and talented CEO, only Cain is perhaps the only candidate to date that does not bring discord to the party.  Perhaps because he has been overlooked, he is generally thought to be a good possibility but he needs to turn possible into probable soon.