Dem’s Top Black Strategist Blasts Herman Cain as Racist

Posted on September 30, 2011

Democratic strategist Cornell Belcher appeared on CNN last night and followed Democratic dogma in playing the race card this time against Herman Cain, GOP Presidential primary  candidate. He said Cain was racist when he referred to black voters as having been “brainwashed.”  His definition of a racial remark is one that characterizes and entire group with one blanket statement. Video below from Real Clear Politics.

ANY candidate who plays this card should be called on the carpet.  Cain could have made his point  that blacks have been unduly influenced by using less military jargon [brainwashed] to describe his view of what has happened to the black electorate.  He could have said that they they had bought  the Democratic Party line that they represented their best interests.  He could have put it in an historical context.  In short, he could have been professorial rather than prejudiced in the sense that he had separated out black voters.  Instead, he said that blacks had been brainwashed by the Democrats.  Last election, so had a lot of whites. Cain will not get votes from people he made feel less than intelligent.

It is the only “mistake” made so far by Cain who needs to attract blacks by more positive means that playing this old trick.  Belcher just caught him up on it and Cain should have foreseen this in planning these remarks.

On the same CNN program as Belcher, Ari Fleischer while saying Cain’s lack of experience in Government was a detriment also said that it is what resonates with GOP voters.


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