Can “Ridiculust List” do for On My Watch what the Ridiculist has Done for Anderson Cooper’s 360?

Posted on October 1, 2011

SamHenry did just one post on Anderson Cooper’s “Ridiculist” and  has had hundreds of hits ever since.  It does give one pause.  What to do that is similar but won’t put  On My Watch into copyright court with CNN?  The headlines are  full of romance gone sour.  How about a Ridiculust List?  I mean love does make the world go ’round.

The inaugural entry has to be Ashton Kutcher and Demi More.  This is a very sad and strange saga and yet, they are both adults and are supposed to know what they are doing.  She is about 50 and he is thirty something – who cares – SamHenry doesn’t do footnotes on this kind of a post.  Is it their insatiable lust not for each other but for tweeting every detail of every breath they take?  That could have been the beginning of the end.  If you are tweeting, you are not cheating – no time.  And if you are both tweeting from home, you are not in bed in the midst of a perfect love storm.  Simple logistics.

Demi the semi-centenarian  is not only older but looking older and has begun to post pictures of herself on line naked in the shower or in photos that may have come from the Michael Jackson morgue file.  Witness this photo that accompanied a text “I see through you:”

The  upshot of this:  We know more than we want to know about where their relationship is at this moment and Kutcher is correct:  It makes them both look like a couple of asses.

Now it appears that Kutcher has not only taken over Martin Sheen’s old role on Two and 1/2 Men, he has taken over his life as well.  Reports proliferate that he has had multiple flings and indiscretions in the past year with any number of  young things.  But Ashton will have to work 24-7 on these kinds of pursuits to even begin to catch up with Sheen.  Sheen is not only a serial adulterer, he loves going back at one of his ex-wives.  Kutcher only has one wife and she is current.  He needs to build in this area. Why be a mediocre cad when you can be a disgusting demi-god – no pun or fun intended.

Most strange and kind of creepy – the hats Ashton keeps wearing.  But enough about head gear.  We have been informed that Moore and Kutcher are going to Kabbalah for counseling.  What does one write about them after that?  No choice but to put them on the ridiculust list.

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