Governor Christie Says No to 2012 Run – Good Decision for All Republicans

Posted on October 4, 2011

Governor Chris Christie has “recused himself” from the 2012 campaign.  Before the announcement,  Christie had cornered cameras and the country’s attention for almost 2 weeks as he continued his indecision about running in 2012.  This is the big negative of  Johnny come lately candidates within a primary season.  Herman Cain spoke to his very point.

Had Christie jumped into the race at t his point, the worst of it would have been that his entry would have been viewed by electorate and by the supporters of the other candidates as Christie and his followers thinking the field to date was inadequate to the task. This factor would have been another way of splintering the GOP at a time they need to begin to focus on a candidate that most can get behind and push to victory.

And Sarah Palin – would her entry at this point have the same effect?  Not necessarily because of all the candidates, she has a more than personal relationship with her supporters and with the electorate in general. Sarah can get away with things no other candidate can.  Her tack has always been that she would enter the race only if she felt that the key issues were getting short shrift from the current field.  In other words, she would be the one making the assessment rather than  people around her pressuring her to run for the good of the nation.  That is the genius of Sarah Palin – she has since 2008 been a unique power.

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