If You Don’t Get It Right In the 1960s; Trot It Out On Wall Street 2011

Posted on October 4, 2011

Here’s a face I would know anywhere but a person I do not recognize.  It is the face of a shrill, intellectually tortured young  revolutionary who surely must have the DNA of a 60s radical running through his/her veins.  Even the glasses belie the ’60s origins of the ideas on US territory.

Kill rapacious capitalism and gimme a welfare state for all the people is their bright idea.  There is an irony blowing in these winds.  Putin is over at the Kremlin doing the same thing. Plotting new trade zones with former satellite countries and in truth the re-establishment of the Union of Soviet Socialists Republics that never really got to go democratic.  And you thought it was all over.

Once again America’s college- educated, well-fed sons and daughters and some young professionals are committed to dressing down their true natures and and dressing up their communist ideas in capitalist clothing.  Of course if they totally understood the deprivation and starvation true revolutionaries usually have to undertake to win the day they would soon desert the field and leave the NYC Sanitation Department and the American Taxpayers to clean up after them.

This kind of behavior ended the war in Viet Nam.  Is it enough to end war in the Middle East? dollars home?  Is this the American Fall over against the Middle East Spring?  Not quite yet.  Things are not quite at the Kent State stage where unarmed students were shot dead and a nation rung its hands and racked its conscience until the goal was reached.  But this is not against a war.  No.  It is against the system that spawned the war – a system they see as greedy and in need of replacement.  But ask yourselves:  Are these people yelling on the right street and parked in front of the right door?

What about the crooks in Washington and at the Federal Reserve?  They played a very large part in this now global drama.  Why is the focus here?  Go tell it to the ones who let Wall Street and the big banks get away with it.  Remember al Qaeda sent planes on 9/11 to New York and Washington.  Instead here we find not a group against the current administration but for it.  Wait just a minute.  Do you mean that I have lived long enough to see a group of young communists and socialists actually doing battle on behalf of the administration that made much of our current economic condition a reality?  True, under Bush the economy came down with a cold but under Obama it has developed into a secondary infection and may kill the body politic.

Perhaps the simple answer is this.  Our education system is so bad that these people in the streets represent the dumbing-down of the electorate to the point that a smooth-talking demagogue can take over?  Isn’t this what Jefferson warned us about? And isn’t he sitting at home in the White House while his wife garners great photo ops of her shopping with the rest of the proletariat at Target’s.

The enemy within is growing.  Hide the silver and man the survival caves.  This mindless movement is spreading and will not end until, well, innocent people have been killed  in many streets except Pennsylvania Avenue.

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