SamHenry Has Ordered Up A New Pup – Not a Clone – A Relative of THE ORIGINAL Sam Henry

Posted on October 6, 2011

There are many who have said that another Labrador Retriever at my age would knock me down and hurt me or bankrupt me if it got sick.  Now come on.  When it comes to pets, who in America is totally without emotion in making choices?  Certainly not SamHenry who is impulsive (she bought “Imp” on “Impulse”), compulsive, ADD and in early senility. Yes, even were I to make a sound decision I would quickly forget what it was.  On the other hand, it is lovely living life that is always surprising.  SamHenry loves adventure.

The facts of the case are these.  SamHenry had a female yellow Lab living with her that a breeder wanted her to keep while she was not breeding the dog.  Whitney was a beautiful and a VERY loving dog.  She slept with he whole head and chest on SamHenry’s head.  But her sins in the back yard were many – she loved pruning bushes into obscurity.  She was also brought up in a pack of breeding bitches and was always rambunctious.  It was a sad day when I took her back to the breeder.

The breeder’s dog, Samson, had sired SamHenry.  Yesterday she called and said she wanted to breed Whitney to Samson – would I like a pup?  Never ask an addict if they want another hit.  Of course I got tearful and said yes.

The breeder is Labs Landing.  Here is a picture of Whitney with Imp:












Whitney has one “flaw” – there is a ridge of hair just over her nose between her eyes.  I love that little flaw.























And here is Samson – Sam Henry’s sire:











For those of you who have NOT seen the pack of bitches at Labs Landing diving into the pond on the property, you have really missed something:

Because I DO love dogs and don’t want to add to the crop at rescue homes and shelters, I have arranged for good friends who live on a farm to take my dogs if anything happens to me.

Imp has loved being an only dog again.  She began life as an only dog and then we got SamHenry whom she adored.  I think realistically as Imp ages, she could use the stimulus of a younger dog.  Sam Henry was very gentle with her and I expect this dog will be too.

“This dog” will be named the following if I get a small female “Samantha Henrietta.”  She will be styled as “Sammy.”  WOW – I will have the pup in February.  This gives me something to look forward to this winter.

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