Everyone’s Concerned About The Direction of the Country and Coming at it From the Wrong Direction

Posted on October 9, 2011

The decidedly liberal protests in Wall Street have been born of frustration about jobs and the economy and supported by a few who don’t know why but they like to join protests first and ask what it’s about once they get there.  Of course Conservatives and/or Republicans are unconcerned about jobs and the economy, right?  The media are myth-makers these days.   According to the MSM, the Conservatives/Republicans are too busy being racist to note the true ills of the country.  They are racist because they oppose the Obama policies -doesn’t that make sense?  None of their reasoning makes sense.

Some among the  Manhattan protestors were so frustrated, they defecated on nearby police cars.  Public servants don’t have to take that shit, you know.  Neither do passers-by with their kids.  How to put a protest in the toilet.  NOW will liberals believe that among the Tea Partiers in their protests there were those who had signs that were not the views of the majority of those protesting?  And will they believe that they left no mess of any kind behind?  [Yup, another  pun.]

Conservatives do  have to do a bit of  house cleaning following the statement about Mormons being members of a cult by a born again preacher who supported Perry.  Again, this is the kind of “shit” no one needs in a serious statement of beliefs.  Herman Cain more than amply illustrates the fact that Conservatives are not prejudiced.  This outburst of unfortunate behavior has to be firmly put down by true Conservatives everywhere.  There is no place for it in the ranks.  Sadly Bachmann and Cain side stepped this issue on CNN this morning.

If the federal government is not trying to spend  us into oblivion, out in California Jerry Brown, Governor, is pushing for a Dream Act to help fund the education of illegal immigrants.  In among the most fiscally and morally bankrupt states, an aging liberal is providing false hope to people who do not deserve this kind of a break for breaking the law to get here.  Residents don’t deserve to be billed for it either.  Young idealists in the streets saying this is a good thing haven’t yet gone to work and felt the sting of taxes as they stand already.

But we live in an age of having to placate growing numbers in this country who are characterized by one word: “demanding.”  They have sought things people here for centuries have not.  They arrive with a sense of entitlement.  As a result, guilt-ridden, politically correct liberals are buying them off and in the case of Islam, throwing away our traditional ways of living with both hands.  Only fiscally sound political entities can afford a caretaker state.  The credit card has been an unfortunate invention in our times.

Yes, it’s Sunday and the airwaves are ringing with the ruminations of the elder statesmen and women of talk and their guests who each week try earnestly to provide us with plans to outstrip what appears to be our economic and political plight -to ride the outgoing tide of US competitiveness and leadership.  At this desperate hour, we need to keep our collective shirts on and to begin to communicate with one another.  Meet you in front of the White House where we can chant “give us leadership” day after day to a man who is essentially deaf.

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